воскресенье, 8 июня 2014 г.

HANDMADE OOAK 8.1 " teddy lionet Victoria by RUSSIAN ARTIST IRINA FEDI

The teddy lionet Victoria  , including its custom made clothes and accessories, is let out in the single copy as the exclusively designed and handmade artistic creation by a well-known Russian doll artist Irina Fedi.
The  teddy  lionet Victoria measures 8.1 inches in height,(21 cm) not including the sizes  ears and hat. In the production of this beautiful and one of a kind doll the artist used the following materials:  textured yarn, velour, cotton velour, cotton, lace,шплинты(6 шт), German plush,100% cotton,100% wool,
buttons,satin ribbons,small buttons, lace, small buttons, lace, leather.

The doll has rotating head and its eyes  are able to open and close. Movable head (sways, turns and bends).  The custom made clothes can be put on and taken off, i.e. the  teddy  lionet Victoria  can be dressed and undressed.

The price includes:  lionet Victoria, clothes, shoes, rosewood, pillows.(all handmade)
 With love and respect, Irina Fedi!

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